District Mental Health Program (DMHP) – Uttarakhand in collaboration with the Primary care Psychiatry Program (PCPP) of NIMHANS has designed an one year specialized program for the Primary Care Doctors (PCDs) in the training of assessment, diagnosing and management of psychiatric illness at the primary care level. It has been implemented since march 2018 and 10 PCDs from different districts of Uttarakhand are undergoing the training. The PCPP – DMHP training has 4 modules

a. Basic module (10 days Onsite residential training)

b. Video based collaborative skill development (V CSD)

c. Collaborative Video Consultation (CVC)

d. Tele- On Consultation Training (Tele OCT)

The members of the Primary care Psychiatry team of NIMHANS, Bengaluru

  1. Dr. Suresh Bada Math, Professor of Psychiatry and Head of Telemedicine
  2. Dr. C Naveen Kumar, Additional Professor of Psychiatry
  3. Dr. N Manjunatha, Associate Professor of Psychiatry .
  4. Dr. Shashidhara HN, Specialist Grade Psychiatrist
  5.  Dr. Vinay B, Specialist Grade Psychiatrist
  6. Dr Santhosh Kumar  – Senior Resident – PCPP program
  7. Dr Guru S Gowda, Senior Resident of Psychiatry
  8. Dr Malathesh BC, Senior Resident of Psychiatry
  9. Dr Karishma kulkarni, Senior Resident of Psychiatry
  10. Ms Jyothi SS, IT programmer
  11. Mr Manjunatha BR, Telemedicine Technician.