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Clinical services

In-patient service : Dedicated ten-bedded prison ward is used for inpatient care for prisoners in judicial custody needing forensic psychiatric assessment, observation, and treatment. Prisoners are serially monitored and assessed by the forensic team in the facility.
Out-patient service: Outpatient services to the prisoners in police custody and judicial custody needing forensic psychiatry assessment and treatment is provided, Facilitation of preliminary assessment of persons in conflict with law as a juvenile is done.
Referral services : Referrals from other units for diverse issues which require forensic inputs by experts are also provided on all days.


Post Graduate Training: Two Junior residents are posted in forensic psychiatry services every month. During the forensic psychiatry posting, junior residents and external trainees posted from various medical colleges across the country get exposure to the practical and theoretical aspects of forensic psychiatry including training in various forensic psychiatry assessments, who are taught using flip-classroom method of teaching consisting of 12 lectures.

Post-Doctoral Fellow Training: Forensic Psychiatric Services is also involved in the training of Post-Doctoral Fellows in Forensic Psychiatry, which is a one year course.

Training of other Government Organisation: Mental Health Professionals from across the country are trained in issues related to implementation Mental Healthcare Act (MHCA) 2017 through various workshops and webinars under Mission 2020

Association with Government Organisation

Legal Aid Clinic: The Legal Aid Clinic (LAC) was established in collaboration with the KSLSA in 2011 to provide legal services free of cost to persons with mental illness. The team consisted of two advocates appointed by KSLSA, liaising with teams from the Department of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Social Work, who have been helping the patients in getting free legal advice, support, and adjudication.  The LAC provides services on all working days of the week from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. The team helps persons with mental illness to assert their rights in matters such as disability certification, employment, and pension. They can also avail legal services with regards to rights regarding admission to mental hospitals, human rights violation, treatment, property issues, and marital issues. On an average, around 40-50 patients consult the free legal aid clinic in a month.

Human rights, Ethics, Law, and Psychiatry (HELP) series: The forensic psychiatry team at NIMHANS in association with the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority (KSLSA) initiated the Human rights, Ethics, Law and Psychiatry (HELP) series in November 2020. This monthly program was initiated to improve the knowledge and understanding about the legal aspects of health in general and mental health in particular.

The Internal Review Committee

The Departmental Internal Review Committee (DIRC) was formed to review treatment and discharge procedures in accordance with the MHCA 2017. Forensic psychiatry services assist the DIRC to review all supported admissions under the MHCA 2017 and other references as per the provisions of the Act. DIRC  meets once a week, and  review 30 to 40 supported admissions in a month.

Forensic Psychiatry

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