Technology Based – Enquire Assess Support Yourself (EASY) Learning – NIMHANS GKT Program

                  According to WHO, Suicide is the act of deliberately killing oneself. Every year, about 8 lakh people die from suicide, which is every suicide per 40 seconds. For each suicide known to people, there are 20 more suicide attempts by others not been  known to anyone. Suicide has a ripple effect on the family, friends, colleagues and communities. India’s contribution to world suicide is 20%. It has increased from 25% to 36% for women; 18% to 24% for men (1990-2016). Suicide is the leading , cause of death in age group of 15-39 years.

Gatekeeper training program

Gatekeeper Training Program is a part of a multi-pronged strategy at suicide prevention.  The GKT program can be specific to the needs of the community, can be undertaken by persons who are familiar with the pathways to care in a local community and can strengthen environment. GKT is known to increase participant’s knowledge of suicide, intentions to provide help, and greater confidence in being able to identify those who are suicidal. It is also known to improve self-efficacy and reluctance to intervention.

Module 1