IPS-SZ and NIMHANS Digital Initiative for Academics and Nurturing Skills (INDIANS)

For Post-Graduates and Practicing Psychiatrists

Title of the document Over 1000 registrations and classes have begun! have you attended yet?!


Human resource capacity building by training in diverse fields related to Mental Health by

1.      Having a common platform for academic training for MD/DNB/DPM students

2.      Nurturing clinical skills of MD/DNB/DPM students

3.      Sharing of Knowledge for Practicing Psychiatrists

Weekly online lecture series would be held online using zoom platform
Registered students would be awarded certificates after attending the course and passing a short online exam
Recorded lectures would be put up in the social media for utilization by anyone who is interested (certification would not be provided for the same)


Dr Jagadish A                                                              

Vice President

Dr P Kishan                                                               

Hon. Gen. Secretary

Dr Naresh  Vadlamani                                                     

Hon. Treasurer 

Dr Gangaram K                                                             

State Executive Council Members

Andhra Pradesh: Dr G Suresh Kumar, Dr G Suresh Kumar               

Karnataka: Dr Chandrashekar H, Dr Sunil Kumar G Patil                  

Kerala: Dr Ravikumar, Dr Sebind Kumar                                              

Tamil Nadu: Dr R T Kannapiran, Dr J Babu Balasingh                       

Telangana: Dr D Keshava Rao, Dr V George Reddy                         


Chief – Patron:

Dr B N Gangadhar, Senior Professor of Psychiatry & Director, NIMHANS


Dr Satish Girimaji, Senior Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry & Dean, Behavioural Sciences

Dr Pratima Murthy, Professor of Psychiatry & HOD, Department of Psychiatry


Dr Chethan B, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Chief Coordinator

Dr Suresh Bada Math, Professor of Psychiatry

Dr C Naveen Kumar, Additional Professor of Psychiatry

Dr Manjunatha N, Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Dr Sydney Moirangthem, Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Dr Rajendra K M, Assistant Professor of  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr Guru S, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Dr Sreekanth D M, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Dr Nishanth, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Dr Santhosh, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Dr Arun Enara, Senior Resident in Psychiatry

Dr Kamaldeep Sadh, PDF in Community Psychiatry

Dr Rakesh, Senior Resident in Psychiatry

Dr Alok Kulkarni, Senior Resident in Psychiatry

Dr Mallikarjun, Senior Resident in Psychiatry

Dr Sonakshi, Senior Resident in Psychiatry

Mr Manjunath B R, Project Manager

Mr Mujeeb Ansari, IT Coordinator

Ms Shruthi, Technician, Tele medicine

Mr Goutham, Group Coordinator

Ms Nisha, Nurse Informatics

Mr Venu, Nurse Informatics

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