Module 2: Introduction to GKT

Who is a Gatekeeper?

A Gatekeeper is someone who believes that suicide can be prevented at the community level and is willing to give time and energy for this cause. Gatekeepers may be teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, community leaders or anyone who shares this interest.

What is the role of a Gatekeeper?

    To keep a watchful eye and able to “sound the alarm” when an at-risk individual is identified. Refer clients of concern to the appropriate mental health professional for further   evaluation and treatment.

Interview Skills for a gatekeeper

  • Active Listening
  • paraphrasing
  • summarizing
  • Reflecting
  • Affirmation
  • Questioning

Strengths Game

    GKT program focuses on inculcating the interview skills for the gatekeeper through an effective strategy known as strengths game. In this, each person in the group is asked to befriend a person from the group whom they don’t know about. 5 minutes is given to interact, identify strength and reflect on the strength to the other person.

This role play video is about strengths game and interview skills