Module 4: Intervention

What immediate intervention can be provided?

After initial assessment, the gatekeeper should try to help the client to come out of suicidal thoughts by:

  • Being a good listener
  • Being non-judgmental
  • Being supportive and instilling hope
  • Offering help by asking ‘Can I help you?’
  • Building a contract by asking ‘Will you promise me not to kill yourself till I find a help for you?’

As a part of the contract, the gatekeeper should provide a crisis plan as a safety net in order to safeguard the life of the client.

Crisis plan will include instructions such as:

  • Distract yourself from the suicidal thoughts by involving yourself in activities like watching TV, painting, drawing, shopping, cooking or talking to friends
  • Get involved in physical activities such as walking or exercising
  • Write down your thoughts in a diary
  • Repeat to yourself ‘I have promised not to hurt myself’
  • Call your confidante and talk to her and look for possible solutions to your problems
  • Call and talk to the counsellor
  • Call a suicide helpline (provide numbers)

This following presentation is about assessment and management of suicide risk

This video illustrates Gatekeeper role in intervention