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CHaMP - Chhattisgarh Community Mental Healthcare Tele-Mentoring Program

The Chhattisgarh community mental healthcare tele-mentoring program (CHaMP) is a training program conducted in collaboration with the government of Chhattisgarh from June 2019 till date. The aim of this program is to train all PCDs of Chhattisgarh in screening, identifying, and treating common mental disorders. CSP is used as the curriculum and three different digital modules are used, namely VCR, VCC, and CVC. It is a 8 weeks program, with 2 days of onsite training and weekly 2 h online session on CSP with VCC. A total of 905 participants have received the training so far. At the end of the training eligible participants would receive a certificate titled ‘certificate course in primary care psychiatry’. All the trained PCDs are advised to share a monthly report of the number of psychiatric consultations conducted. More than 20,000 psychiatric consultations are reported by them till November 2020.