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The Karnataka Telemedicine Mentoring and Monitoring Program (KTM)

The KTM program is a collaborative program between NIMHANS and the Government of Karnataka, which was conducted from January 2019 to October 2020. This model had a four tier hub and spoke model, consisting of ‘hub’, ‘micro hub’, ‘mini-hub’, and ‘spokes’. ‘Hub’ was represented by a KTM trained psychiatrist who was present at NIMHANS. ‘Micro-hub’ comprised the psychiatrist in DMHP, who was at the district headquarters, ‘Mini hub’ was the PCD at Primary Health Centres and ‘spokes’ were the patients. Psychiatrists employed under the DMHP were trained in conducting Tele-OCT and CVC. The above trained psychiatrist further handheld the PCDs at the PHC and provided training in identifying and managing psychiatric illnesses. A total of 33 DMHP psychiatrists were trained and they in-turn trained 436 PCDs across the state via Tele-OCT and CVCs. The training was held under the monitoring of tele-psychiatrists from NIMHANS. This was a unique program which imparted training to the trainer. Also, a randomized controlled trial was planned to evaluate patient-level outcomes of the KTM program in comparison to the traditional training program, Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic struck and precluded the team to venture into the field. This program received the Digital Innovation award under the public health category from the Government of India.